9 Releases BOX

by Subspiele Records


our appreciation goes to all the artists involved in the box. therefore, we decided to offer all digital releases since release 8 as a cd release too.

sub.rec.16 - Alex Humann & Faidel - Air & Pressure
sub.rec.15 - Martin Nonstatic - Moon Arrival Remixes
sub.rec.14 - Doyeq - Soundsphere
sub.rec.13 - Deni Diezer - The depth of the Mind
sub.rec.12 - Newa - Hedgehog
sub.rec.11 - Deni Diezer & Martin Nonstatic - Invisible Balance
sub.rec.10 - Frank Sebastian - Ignorance
sub.rec.9 - Esko Barba - Noctilucent Awakening
sub.rec.8 - Martin Nonstatic - Verträumt

digital download codes of all releases if needed.


released February 1, 2015



Subspiele Records Köln, Germany

Subspiele tries to be useful and responsible as a non-profit label with awareness for environmental matters. Subspiele loves music as the highest form of communication across individuals. Music is not subject to any barriers or preconditions – it’s a universal reflection of nature’s beauty. ... more

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